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A story of War to educate for Peace

The Second World War as it has never been told

The many faces of history

Museum storytelling develops through different themes, which sometimes develop by advancing individually and other times they interweave with each other.


During the last months of war, the Senio river was a strategic hinge between the Appennines and the Comacchio Valleys and represented the most advanced point of the Allies’ military deployment. The Allies stopped here marching up the Italian peninsula, to reach the heart of the Po Valley and to liberate the country from the Nazi-fascism.


If the soldiers suffered from the lack of foodstuffs and up to-date equipment, the situation of civilians wasn’t certainly happy: women, old people and children knew only a small portion of the territory beyond their home and they often had not even attended school.


Telling the fight of the Resistance in Romagna means describing a large mass movement, where the support and collaboration of the lower social class were essential. In the autumn of 1944, the war front arrived here and the allied troops, who supplied weapons, uniforms and foodstuffs, forged partnerships with local men and women, owners of an accurate and precious geographical knowledge.

The environment

Romagna at the time of the war is a land characterized by reclaimed marshes, crossed by countless streams and deeply influenced by heavy rains. Human action, often sudden and violent, contributes decisively to changing its appearance, up to erase a city and move another to the opposite side of the river Senio.

Il Territorio

La zona della Romagna all’epoca della guerra era un territorio caratterizzato da paludi bonificate, “che, sotto le piogge autunnali, produceva il fango più glutinoso d’Italia. Inoltre la distanza che lo separava da Bologna era maggiore ed attraversata da innumerevoli corsi d’acqua che fin dal mese di settembre si gonfiarono a dismisura a causa delle piogge autunnali cadute quell’anno in anticipo” [E. Morris, La guerra inutile: la campagna d’Italia 1943-45, p. 419]. test


Emotional chambers

Emotional chambers

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